Wound Care

In most cases, minor bumps, scrapes and cuts will heal without a lot of intervention in a week or two. But some medical conditions, such as diabetes, make it more difficult for even small wounds to heal efficiently and effectively.

Some wounds may even get worse as time goes on. These kinds of wounds are called non-healing wounds, and they require constant medical supervision.

Southeastern Med’s wound care services team provides clinically advanced therapy, equipment and treatment for all manner of non-healing wounds.

  • Wound Assessment
  • Compression Therapy
  • Debridement
  • Dressing changes
  • Infection management
  • Vascular surgical support
  • Wound VAC application

In addition to our comprehensive wound care services, we also provide diabetes education, which can help reduce or prevent the development of non-healing wounds.

No matter what the cause of your non-healing wound or treatment course we establish, our wound care team will be with you throughout every step of your treatment until you’re healed.

Wound Assessment

Our wound care specialists will get a complete medical history to identify the cause of your wound and any conditions or lifestyle activities that might be impeding proper healing.

We’ll evaluate the wound, noting the location, measuring the size, shape and depth, and labeling the different tissue types present in the wound bed. We’ll also examine the surrounding skin to determine if there is an infection or other skin issue, such as eczema, that needs to be addressed.

We’ll take a pain assessment, too, to determine if your pain is constant or intermittent, and decide on the best pain management strategy.