Industrial Medicine Services

Industrial Medicine Services

Helping Employers and Employees Create a Safer Environment

Industrial Medicine, also known as Occupational Medicine, is concerned with health in the workplace. At Southeastern Med, we aim to assist both the employer and his/her employees through our programs, which include: pre-employment physicals and drug testing, annual physicals to comply with OSHA regulations and standards, and the treatment and prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses.

The WorkPro department helps employers with pre-employment processing to ensure your candidate is physically capable of performing the job that has been offered. Later, if a worker is injured on the job, our Worker’s Compensation Specialist can evaluate and treat them while also working with the employer to expedite their return to full duty.

The full list of Industrial Medicine services at Southeastern Med includes:

  • DOT Physicals: Our DOT Certified Medical Examiners ensure employees who drive commercial vehicles are physically capable to perform their duties according to federal regulations. Download DOT Commercial Driver Medical Certification form.
  • Drug Screening: Our certified collectors ensure all drug screens are conducted according to federal regulations. Drug screening techniques include urine drug screens and hair follicle collections. The collectors are also certified to conduct Breath Alcohol Tests for DOT and NON DOT employees.
  • Ergonomic Assessment, Training & Workstation Evaluations: We will come to your facility and look at where your employees work, ensuring that the environment is as safe as possible. Our therapists can also assess work stations and help customize a station to an employee, while also teaching workers how to fix or adjust any new stations.
  • Functional Job Analysis: A job analysis will identify the physical demands of a particular job title. This objectifies what the employee is required to do to perform the job and is summarized with a functional job description.
  • Post-Offer Screening “Lift Test”: Physical test that makes sure a new hire will be able to meet the demands of the job.
  • Respiratory Fit Testing: Our clinicians utilize a quantitative fit testing process that uses a machine to measure any mask leakage and provides an objective report ensuring a good mask fit.
  • Hearing Tests: Our Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist conduct hearing screenings for pre-employment or annual physicals to assist employers with OSHA requirements.

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Industrial Medicine Services