A Clear Picture of What is Happening

To help diagnose some conditions, your doctor may need a clearer picture of the inside of your body than a scan or X-ray can provide. This is where an endoscopy can prove necessary. Most endoscopes work like tiny flexible telescopes, shining light and zooming in on an area of concern and transmitting the image back to the endoscopist. Southeastern Med also now offers a capsule endoscopy, in which the patient swallows a small video capsule (about the size of a vitamin) that takes digital footage of the digestive system.

Whether you’re coming in for a routine exam or an emergency procedure, our team of highly trained physicians and nurses can ensure your endoscopy is performed safely, comfortably, and efficiently, using only the latest proven technology.

Our endoscopic services include:

  • Capsule Endoscopy: You will swallow a video capsule that is about the size of a vitamin. We can review the footage as this video and light travels through your digestive system and this will help us determine your diagnosis.
  • Colonoscopy: A visual exam of the large intestine with a fiber optic video endoscope.
  • EGD Upper Endoscopy: A visual exam of the upper intestinal tract with a fiber optic video endoscope.
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): Mainly used to examine or treat bile ducts and pancreatic ducts for problems such as gallstones, leaks, tumors, etc.
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy: Visual exam of the inside of the rectum and sigmoid colon using a fiber optic video endoscope.
  • 48-Hour Esophageal pH Test: Measures the pH in the esophagus, which tells us how much reflux is entering there. This is a condition called GERD. Tests can also show how effective medication/surgery has been for GERD.
  • Gastrostomy Tube Placement: Using endoscopy to safely insert a feeding tube into the stomach.