Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency and Trauma Services

Fast Reactions in an Organized Fashion

In an emergency, Southeastern Med’s ER and Trauma Care team are here to quickly assess your condition and get you the attention you need in a calm, efficient, and organized fashion.

After arrival in the emergency room, you will be triaged by one of our emergency nurses. Triage is a system of sorting that is based on giving treatment first to the patients who need it most. A brief exam conducted by the triage nurse will help determine the clinical urgency of your condition and which treatment area you should be assigned to. It is always our goal to get each patient to their treatment area as quickly as possible, but patients might not always be called in the same order that they arrived. If there are any changes in your condition or you have any questions while in the waiting room, you can always speak with the triage nurse or greeter.

Testing and Treatment

Once you’ve been called to your treatment area and examined, the physician may decide to order clinical tests such as blood work, X-rays, a CT scan, or an ultrasound. These testing procedures will take time, and you may need to wait for the results before the physician can make a decision about proper treatment.

With test results gathered, the ER physician will contact your primary care physician and/or any required specialists to determine if you can be discharged or if you should be admitted to the hospital. Emergency Department physicians do not admit patients to the hospital.

Special Cases

Southeastern Med offers two special emergency services particular to the patients below. Click a category to learn more:
Stroke Patients
Sexual Abuse Survivors