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A Team Approach

As is true with so many of our services, our Sports Medicine team is happy to treat you with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Sports Medicine itself is concerned with injuries to the muscles and bones in the body, but whereas an orthopedic surgeon may perform surgery, a Sports Medicine Physician will turn to non-surgical approaches like referring the patient to Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. If surgery is needed, the Sports Medicine physician will refer the patient to an appropriate surgeon for what is needed.

The name “sports medicine” can be a little misleading. While our Sports Medicine department does treat student athletes and help determine when they should return to action, Sports Medicine is really for anyone who wants to increase mobility or overcome injuries.

Tendinosis Treatment

The Southeastern Med Sports Medicine Department is unique in its ability to use a tool called the TenJet to perform a specific procedure that helps treat tendinosis. Unlike tendinitis, which is just a muscle swelling, tendinosis means there is diseased tissue that needs to be removed. By using the TenJet, Dr. Huff often does not even need to use stitches to seal the incision. The patient can usually walk out of the room and will heal much faster than after arthroscopic surgery.

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