Speech Therapy

speech therapy

So Much More Than Speech

We are called the Speech Department, but the reality is that we do so much more than focus “just” on the function of speaking.

We work with both pediatric patients and adults in all of the following areas:

Cognition: Memory, attention, executive functioning (things like planning, organization). We can help patients with ADD or ADHD, Autism, and more.

Social Skills (also called Pragmatic Language): We work with patients on things like articulation and phonology.

Swallowing Difficulties (also called Dysphagia): Patients who have a stroke often need help with swallowing disorders. We also work with COPD patients and patients with Parkinson’s.

Language: We work with our patients on both Receptive and Expressive language. Receptive language is your ability to do things like absorb and follow directions. Expressive means your ability to express your thoughts and feelings.

Voice: The ENT will often refer patients to us who have lost their voice or who have nodules on their vocal chords. This often happens to singers and teachers. We educate patients on what they are doing to hurt their vocal chords and we also teach them about vocal hygiene, which means taking care of your vocal chords.

Fluency/Stuttering: This might be what you most immediately think about when you think about a Speech Therapist. We assist both adults and children with these issues.

We also run an Autism Support Group the first Friday of April, June, September, and December. Visit our calendar for more details.

speech therapy