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Audiology at Southeastern Medical Center

We comprehensive care from newborns through old age.

Experienced audiologist Brenda Watson-Dodd leads the team at Southeastern Med specializing in hearing loss and inner ear health. From newborns* to senior citizens, we treat all ages, helping each patient from the first sign of hearing loss on through the selection of the right hearing aids and other helpful solutions.

Our Audiology department also can help if you’re suffering from dizziness or balance problems (often associated with the inner ear), or if there’s an ongoing ringing in your ears (known as “tinnitis”). Through the use of modern audiograms and other tools, we can figure out what’s going on and address the problem as soon as possible.

*All newborn babies at Southeastern Med are tested before they leave the hospital. If an ear shows low response or no response, they will start treatment with the audiologist as soon as possible.

Hearing Aids:
If it’s determined that you could benefit from the use of hearing aids, we’ll help you choose the type of aid that’s best suited for your exact type of hearing loss, including making sure you get a professional fitting and comfortable fit. We even offer new FLEX:TRIAL Hearing Aids that allow us to see how your hearing is affected by different environments (noisy restaurant, moderate noise, quiet room, etc.). That data can then be used in recommending your hearing aid type.

CaptionCall Telephone:
We also provide free CaptionCall telephones to our patients who need them. The screen is easy to read so you can more easily participate in phone conversations.